Zingaretti also brings down the Democratic Party: I don’t like the current situation. dem psychodrama

Even Nicola Zingaretti doesn’t like this Pd. The now ex-governor of Lazio trashes his own party in no uncertain terms by talking about Lucia Annunziata during “Another half an hour”. “I don’t like the air we breathe in the Democratic Party and we cannot wait for the congress”, says Zingaretti, according to whom “we must organize the opposition in Italy as soon as possible. You can change now», without waiting for the congress.

What does not convince the new Democratic deputy is “the word change”. “In 15 years – recalls Zingaretti – the Democratic Party has changed 10 secretaries and has not changed its empathy with the country. We cannot just wait for the congress, there is a leadership that could do many other things, we are the ones who must do justice in this country for the people”.
More than the leader, for Zingaretti, ideas count. «We remain the only party not of the leader, but of Italian democracy – he says that I will give love to whoever runs for it. But before talking about Tizio, Caio and Sempronio, I think these people have the right to say what they thought of the defeat and how we got back on our feet».

The former secretary’s attention naturally turns to regional elections and the end of the broad field. The former governor spares no criticism of Giuseppe Conte and Carlo Calenda. «We are going to fight to win, what is critical is that they destroyed the alliance – accuses Zingaretti.Interference in regional politics is an error in national politics. I criticize anyone who doesn’t understand that the good of the country comes before the interests of the party. The M5S is making a serious mistake”. For Zingaretti Conte “it has made national policy weigh in the affairs of the territories” as well as “like Calenda who always has the attitude of saying that unity can only be built around him”.

They are “child of the madness of the culture of personal parties, pathology of democracy”. A “political class – he says – that does not understand that the common good of this country takes precedence over partisan interests, leaving room for the right”. Despite everything, the Democratic Party of the Lazio Region can win. “I have trusted Alessio D’Amato for 10 years, he is an excellent candidate to win and I ask him to make an effort to expand the alliance, otherwise we run the risk”, concludes Zingaretti.

Goffredo Bettini also returns to the theme. “I am in favor of the decision to support Alessio D’Amato as the Pd candidate for the Presidency of the Lazio Region. I found out about his candidacy through the agencies, even if they gave me the director…
he jokes at Caffé on Radio24 – Respect D’Amato, he’s a good candidate, but I’m baffled by the political alignment». «Conte didn’t help – observes the Dem manager – When you want a unitary process, you don’t impose mandatory conditions. But the result could have been different, perhaps with the same candidate but with a different political alignment. The primaries could have taken place, in which D’Amato had a good chance of winning».

For Bettini “Calenda seriously harmed the Democratic Party and the unitary perspective of the center-left”. Already in Lombardy, Bettini clearly closes the hypothesis of converging with the candidate of the Third Pole, Letizia Moratti. “We must stop always looking for the foreign pope. We have to stop thinking that to win we have to disguise ourselves as the right – for short – I respect Moratti, but he is organically part of the Lombard right. His proposed candidacy is unacceptable to me. How to involve that part of the electorate that does not vote because they no longer see certain values ​​at the center of our action, if we make choices of this type?».

Bettini spares no criticism even of the Nazarene’s ruling class. “The Democratic Party – he observes – has done great good to Italy since it was born. We defended democracy, we fixed the many problems that the right had caused. The best forces that governed in Conte 2 and in the Draghi government were the ministers of the Democratic Party. In the last government, who really waged a coherent, insistent and concrete battle on the issues of work, basic income and the minimum wage was Andrea Orlando. But – Bettini warns – the Democratic Party was in government even without winning the elections. One can only die from government in the sense that from that dimension one cannot apprehend what is happening in society, especially in a society as difficult as today’s”. «Our role of responsibility was not accompanied by the element of novelty – continues Bettini – We have very good mayors. If the Democratic Party can be refounded, it must start from the great quality of its ruling class in the area. I think of Matteo Riccia Pesaro, Matteo Lepore in Bologna, Dario Nardella in Florence, Gaetano Manfredi in Naples».

As for the political leader of the M5S, “I understood, even if it was a political mistake to overthrow him, Conte’s reasons for his unease with the Draghi government. Draghi, which was a providential but transitory experience, was becoming in the minds of some people a kind of definitive solution to the Italian crisis, putting parties aside and devaluing the role of Parliament”. “At the PD congress – Bettini reasons – I am ashamed to talk about people. I contribute ideas, waiting to see who is willing to interpret them. For me, the line counts: the Democratic Party must choose a path, be it the apologetic one for development as it is or the critical one. I am in favor of this criticism. Let’s see which of the candidates comes closer to my concerns.” Meanwhile, the National Assembly is convened for Saturday, 19, which will take place online by videoconference and will vote on the amendment of the Statute for “the insertion of a transitional provision for the beginning of the parliamentary process “.

Source: IL Tempo