Door to Door, Crosetto raises the alarm: “The situation is getting worse”. War a stone’s throw from Italy?

Defense Minister Guido Crosetto, guest of Rai1’s Porta a Porta, launches a new alarm for a tense situation two steps away from Italy. Crosetto guarantees that the airspace in Poland is defended “also by Italian planes. Currently there are almost 1,700 soldiers committed in three different NATO nations to guarantee that nothing more serious can happen”. Incidentally, the minister said he was concerned about another front that has not yet been opened.

“Today I am also concerned about another front that has not yet opened, the situation that is degenerating in relations between Kosovo and Serbia. With Minister Tajani, we decided that next week we will go both to Kosovo and to Serbia because we think that our presence to to prevent a situation even closer to Italy from getting worse. We have the command of the KFOR mission, we are the main contingent in that area, we always contribute to keeping the peace and for something silly like license plates many things are happening serious that I wouldn’t want to have worse consequences”, explained the minister.

Source: IL Tempo