Missiles in Poland, Crosetto’s analysis of war in Ukraine: “It’s going to be long, you need steady nerves”

The developments of the war in Ukraine after the missile affair in Poland and the issue of migrants. These are the central arguments of the interview that Defense Minister Guido Crosetto gave to Corriere della Sera. “The people who deal with the defense remain colder and more rational, nobody needs a degeneration of the conflict. When you live in such dangerous moments, the important thing is to keep your nerves and not get carried away by the immediate reaction”, said the minister about the attitude of Western Defense colleagues who, like him, threw water on the fire in the frantic hours of the missiles that landed in Poland.

“The most credible hypothesis is that it was a Ukrainian missile that fell in Polish territory. It is not an accident destined to aggravate an already serious situation”, explains the minister according to which “we are living a complex phase, the war is still going it will take time. These bombings of civilian infrastructure serve to deal yet another blow to the morale of Ukrainians. The Russian strategy has changed and is even more violent, it aims to make it impossible for a few million people to face the winter. In order not to die of cold, they will be forced to migrate for Europe. It is an inhumane way of waging war, which leads to an even greater aggravation”. And with regard to the confrontation with Europe on migrants, Crosetto underlines the importance of acting now: “Faced with these numbers, the question of a few hundred migrants is a small matter, but if we don’t solve it in 15 years, we find ourselves with 70,000 daily arrivals from Africa, millions of people per year. The phenomenon must be fought now, in twenty years Africa will have two and a half billion inhabitants. If conditions do not change, more than half of Africans will not be able to feed themselves and it will have to move. Pose the problem from the NGOs, which are the microscopic tip of a gigantic iceberg, is a way of forcing the whole EU to face it “. The issue of NGOs, according to the minister, is “the key to opening a debate in the EU, otherwise it remains an Italian problem that everyone downplays.” Therefore, “Giorgia Meloni is trying to raise the bar of the debate” to “impose the issue of migrants, which will be debated in Brussels and will have a 360 degree response”. This is followed by a blow to France, which “wanted to arm wrestle on the Ocean Viking ship and, despite the reception, the migrants have already been repatriated”, concludes the minister.

Source: IL Tempo