“This is the 50th meeting and nothing is happening”: Gómez’s scolding of Irene Vélez

At a meeting of the Caribbean bankcalled on to review the conclusions of the public hearings held by the Casual Monitoring Commission to Air-e and Affinitythe liberal senator Mauricio Gomez Amin set the tone for the debate on energy tariffs in the The Caribbean region.

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The legislator, who received the support of the other coastal parliamentarians, issued a strong appeal to the minister Irene Velez and the national government for – according to the senator – not offering substantive solutions for the rate increase electrical energy.

Gómez Amin indicated that “the 500 thousand pesos in subsidies that will be given by the Government to the citizens, if all the money goes to them in the payment of tariffs of Energy Y Water”, he said to Minister Vélez who was present quality of guest.

“No one has put their hand in their pocket and the $10 billion What should you remove to solve this problem? It is a matter of Shall politicsGomez said.

Source: El Heraldo