The left really likes Vladimir Putin. EU vote condemning Russia is a coincidence

A fatal attraction. This goes beyond logic, common sense and even mere political expediency. A love for Vladimir Putin, perhaps understandable before the Ukrainian conflict, today difficult, if not impossible, to justify. The European Parliament approved yesterday a resolution that recognizes Russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism”. A clear, clear and approved position thanks to 494 votes in favour, 58 against and 44 abstentions. The document emphasizes that intentional attacks and atrocities, the destruction of civilian infrastructure and other serious violations of international and humanitarian law are “acts of terror and war crimes”. The Parliament explicitly invites the European Union to structure an adequate legal framework “to recognize the States identified as sponsors of terrorism, thus instituting measures against Moscow that imply serious restrictions in the relations of the EU with Russia”.

Also significant is the passage in which Wagner’s paramilitary organizations and the 141st special motorized regiment, also known as Kadyroviti and classified as a terrorist subject, are indicated. Finally, the document contains an exhortation to quickly complete the Council’s work on the ninth sanctions package against Moscow. In this scenario, the decision of four Italians who decided to vote against the resolution in question causes a sensation. Specifically, these are three deputies who belong to the Socialists & Democrats group (the one of which the Democratic Party forms part) and one independent. The latter is former Northern League supporter Francesca Donato, to which are added the names of dem Pietro Bartolo, Andrea Cozzolino and Massimiliano Smeriglio. Nor should we forget a second aspect of a purely political nature. The entire Five Star Movement delegation decided to abstain. In contrast, MEPs from Fdi, Lega and Forza Italia voted in favor of the resolution declaring Russia a state sponsor of terrorism.

“In Ukraine it is time to raise the tone of peace. This resolution, on the contrary, leads in the opposite direction – says a statement from the Five Star delegation – Our solidarity with the Ukrainian people is total and we consider Russia as the only one responsible for the ongoing war on Ukrainian soil. Your army has also been guilty of atrocious crimes, but after more than nine months of open hostilities that have not spared the civilian populations, the guns must be silenced and diplomacy prevail. It is no longer the moment of confrontation. The big thing missing from the text of the European Parliament resolution is the word peace and that is why, although we share the paragraphs in support of Ukraine, we cannot support it». A posture consistent with the policy desired by Giuseppe Conte, but far removed not only from the center-right, but also from the Third Pole. One choice, that of the pentastellati, rejected without appeal by the exponent of Italia Viva, Nicola Danti, who on Twitter did not spare criticism of the movement created by Beppe Grillo and GianRoberto Casaleggio. “The declaration of abstention from Five Stars arrives in time. He is stronger than them, every time there is a need to condemn Putin they hide behind a thousand excuses not to do it. Shameless”.

Source: IL Tempo