Migrants, Tajani resumes controversy with France: “The issue is European”

“There is no more controversy with France. Migration is a very big issue, we are going to keep raising it because it concerns the whole of Europe”. This statement was made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani, in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

“I spoke about it in Serbia, in Kosovo and with the Maltese minister. And since there is also the issue of legal immigration, I had a meeting with the ministers responsible for the decree on flows”, continues the minister. As for the timetable to be ready, “we have to agree with the companies. We are working towards clear rules, the government is ready to encourage the entry of people from outside the EU who can come to work legally”, he explains. In the interview with Corriere Tajani also talks about the budgetary maneuver and guarantees that there are no problems in the majority. “There is no problem in the government”, reiterated the minister, justifying his absence at the conference on the maneuver. “On Tuesday I was on a mission in the Balkans with Minister Crosetto and on Wednesday I had a meeting with Piantedosi, Mantovano, Calderone and Lollobrigida”. About the position of Forza Italia, he clarified: “Berlusconi gives the line inside Forza Italia. Everyone can say what they think and obviously everything can be improved, but a government has to conform to reality”. Given what was promised in the election campaign, “you can’t get everything right away, it’s the beginning. It is a budget law that has a vision. Pensions? We increased. Taxes? We reduced”. Tajani explains that “it is clear that not all the objectives of the election campaign were achieved, but we have five years, we will complete everything. We have given great support to families and companies due to the high energy costs. average is a sign of attention for retirees”. And on the developments of the war in Ukraine, he highlights: “our objective is to allow Ukraine to sit at the table of peace. In the coming days I will discuss things with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg”, concludes Tajani.

Source: IL Tempo