Femicide, Senate approves bicameral inquiry unanimously

With a unanimous vote – 139 votes in favor, zero abstentions and against – the Senate approved the formation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry into femicide or any type of gender abuse. When dealing with this issue, one often runs the risk of falling into the realm of rhetoric. Because no words can explain the horror of violence against women. But the courtroom’s long applause perhaps says better than countless words how important it is to prevent certain criminal behavior.

We are now awaiting the approval of the Chamber so that the new commission can start work. Ignazio La Russa, president of the Senate, began in the introduction of his speech by saying: “Those who think that it is a women’s question are mistaken, it is essentially a men’s question”. Regardless of any behavior a girl/woman may have, violence is unjustifiable. Therefore, he continues, “it is an extremely complex criminal phenomenon, a serious violation of human rights. Son of ignorance and intolerance, which feeds on the disparities that still exist in families, schools and in all areas of our society. And he is also the son of a culture, fortunately not ours, of arranged marriages and which seeks to condemn the rebels”. Then it’s time for some merciless numbers. The second State office recalled that in 2022 there are 125 women killed in Italy, of which “108 in a family or affective context”. So “one every three days”. A minute of silence from the entire court in honor of the victims closed the circle.

Words of satisfaction for the goal also came from the opposition. In particular, PD senator Valeria Valente, rapporteur for the initiation of the bicameral femicide investigation, answered the question about the need for a parliamentary commission of inquiry: “It is necessary because, despite a substantial and advanced normative heritage, solid and even in recent years we continue to integrate, many, too many women are affected by violence, which takes many different forms”. Hoping that this year’s stats might be different in 2023.

Source: IL Tempo