Supermedia YouTrend, Fratelli d’Italia flies to 30%. La Liga highlights Calenda-Renzi

Here comes the new Supermedia Agi/Youtrend, the last one for the month of November. The survey by the body led by Lorenzo Pregliasco confirms the overtaking of the 5-Star Movement against the Democratic Party, recorded for the first time last week: the change in strength was not just an occasional event. The other figure that draws attention is that of the Brothers in Italy, which is close to 30%. As expected, there is a slight slowdown in the growth of Giorgia Meloni’s party, which nevertheless shows a persistent positive sign.

With regard to the group of intermediate parties, the situation seems to be “getting in the way”: the League has just under one point of advantage over the Third Pole, which in turn maintains the same advantage over Forza Italia. Matteo Salvini’s party recorded growth and returned to 9%, moving away from the goals of Carlo Calenda and Matteo Renzi. On the other hand, no significant changes were registered for the smaller lists.


FDI 29.2 (+0.3) M5S 17.4 (+0.5) PD 16.8 (-0.1) Lega 8.7 (+0.3) Third Pole 7.8 (-0.2) ) Forza Italia 6.9 (+0.3) Greens/Left 3.7 (-0.1) +Europe 2.5 ( -0.2) Italexit 2.3 (-0.1) Unione Popolare 1.6 (-0.1) We Moderates 1.0 ( -0.1)


Center Right 45.7 (+0.8) Center Left 23.6 (+0.2) M5S 17.4 (+0.5) Third Pole 7.8 (-0.2) Italexit 2.3 ( -0.1) Other 3.2 (-1.2) The changes in parentheses indicate the deviation from Supermedia two weeks ago (November 10, 2022).

Supermedia YouTrend/Agi is a weighted average of national polls on voting intentions. Today’s weighting, which includes surveys conducted from 10th to 23rd November, was carried out on 24th November based on sample size, creation date and data collection method. The surveys considered were carried out by the institutes Demopolis (date of publication: November 23), Demos (November 12), EMG (November 21), Euromedia (November 17), Noto (November 10), Piepoli (November 11), November), SWG (November 14th and 21st) and Tecnè (November 12th and 19th).

Source: IL Tempo