Valditara, “Bullies at school? Humiliation is necessary.” The case erupts in the words of the minister

The case arose after the words of the Minister of Education, Giuseppe Valditara, who proposed socially useful jobs for boys responsible for bullying at school. The minister spoke during a public event in Milan entitled “Italy heading north”. The minister’s proposal triggered a real uproar. Among the strongest reactions was that of Luana Zanella, leader of the group in the Chamber of the Green-Left Alliance. «The words of Minister Valditara are unbelievable and inadmissible, who evidently did not understand the meaning of socially useful work. They have nothing to do with humiliation, submission, they are something else, they value the common good and the community. He deserves the revolt of the students and we will be with them». This is Luana Zanella, leader of the Green-Left Alliance in the Chamber, after the words of the Minister of Education about social utility jobs.

But what exactly did Valditara say in Milan? “We must restore not only the rights, but also the duties of the school – said Valditara – She must do socially useful work: because only working for the community, for the school community, humiliating herself too – long live humiliation, which is a factor fundamental in the growth and construction of personality – he is the one who takes responsibility for his own actions and does work for the community. From there comes redemption, maturation, responsibility. In short, I think we have to seriously prepare a package of measures because we cannot continue like this, not only for the respect of those who work in schools but also for the future of our children”.

Source: IL Tempo