Reverse and reverse, Matteo Renzi on the Soumahoro case: some left disgust me

Case Soumahoro, the deputy of the Green-Left Alliance was suspended after the case of family cooperatives. And the leader of Italia Viva, Matteo Renzi, enters with his leg outstretched and takes the head on the left. He does this during the episode of “Dritto e rovescio”, broadcast on November 24th. «Soumahoro suspended himself from the group, I’m really a guarantor, I was with Berlusconi, with Virginia Raggi, and I think he has to defend himself in the processes, then he’s not even being investigated, he has to wait for justice. There is a point that does not concern him, but whoever nominated him, there is a certain leftist philosophy, I would call it radical chic, which first built the character and then let him go with a sloppy attitude, with hypocrisy». The statement was made by the leader of Italia Viva, Matteo Renzi, guest of “Dritto e Rovescio”, on Reteqattro. “The left one with the snotty nose first builds a totem and then destroys it in a minute and a half – he added – I am disgusted with anyone who speculates about this story after having moralized the others”.

In dialogue with Del Debbio, Renzi also criticizes the Democratic Party that has become enslaved to the M5. «They call Conte the father of the citizen’s income, but it’s not that he puts in his own money, he takes the money that cheats your children out of your pensions. Today the Democratic Party has become the sixth star, takes to the streets with the M5S to defend basic income ». On the budgetary maneuver, the leader of Italia Viva thinks it is neither meat nor fish, but wants to face Prime Minister Meloni. We are trying to change the rules of the game. We made a list of proposals and told Meloni if ​​any of those proposals are good. It’s a financial problem, neither fish nor fowl, it could have been done better but we’ll give it time ».

Source: IL Tempo