Letta is on the gas barrel and calls Speranza to be the guarantor of the Democratic Party

The leadership of the Democratic Party voted for the Constituent Commission of the new Democratic Party: an elephantine body of 87 members that reaches almost 100 with various personalities (presidents of regions and mayors of metropolitan cities) who will participate in the process as guests. In short, approximately double the number of 45 in 2007. The Constituent Committee, in turn, plastically marks the return home of Article 1. Roberto Speranza, in fact, will be the guarantor of the process with Enrico Letta. The secretary explains this decision as follows: “We want to build a common work with Article 1. That goes for all those who decide to join, it goes for Demos and for the Democratic Center ». As for the members of the Commission, which among other things will draw up the Manifesto of values ​​of the new DP, one third are external, one third are representatives of the territories and one third are parliamentarians.

These are the numbers: 46 internal and 41 external and of these 44 women and 43 men. Outsiders include writers Maurizio De Giovanni and Viola Ardone, sociologists Mauro Magatti and Chiara Saraceno, former minister Enrico Giovannini. Congressional nominations are awaited at this time. Even if the deadline is very far away, at the end of January. But the formalization of Stefano Bonaccini’s candidacy triggered the march and at the weekend there could be two other names on the track, in addition to the president of Emilia Romagna and Paola De Micheli: Matteo Ricci and Dario Nardella. While Elly Schlein remains practically in the game, as she has not yet implemented the candidacy.

Source: IL Tempo