Government, Landini does not miss an opportunity to attack Meloni: “Maneuver that affects the poorest”

“It is a wrong move. And if that represents right, then right is also wrong.” CGIL secretary Maurizio Landini attacked the Meloni government over the maneuver in an interview with La Stampa in which he made public all the unions’ complaints: “They didn’t listen to us. They didn’t go looking for the money where the money is, this is a maneuver that affects the poorest and increases precariousness by reintroducing vouchers”.

According to Landini, the maneuver “Reward tax evaders and with the Single Tax increases inequality in the tax system and does not interfere with the salary pandemic and does not help those who need to work”. For the CGIL secretary, the text approved by the government of Giorgia Meloni “Does not support health, school and local transport. Does not change Fornero’s law. Change the pension indexation mechanism, without consulting us. It lacks an industrial and energy policy strategy capable of facing the digital and green reconversion”. Asked about the next steps, that is, a possible street demonstration on the government’s economic policies, Landini specifies: these assessments to CISL and UIL. We will consider all necessary measures in support of our requests to make the necessary changes.”

Source: IL Tempo