Omnibus, De Magistris sinks Soumahoro: “Opaque stories, there were already rumors…”

Luigi De Magistris, a former magistrate and spokesman for the Unione Popolare, expressed his opinion on the case of Aboubakar Soumahoro and his self-suspending from the Verdi-Left group during the November 25 episode of Omnibus, the morning talk show on La7 who sees Alessandra Sardoni to the administration: “I would keep the events of Soumahoro and Mimmo Lucano distinct. Soumahoro’s story is complex, we leave the criminal facts to the judiciary, which has its attributions. I would be cautious about all of that. There were already rumors about Abou… Already before and even during the election campaign, rumors that did not come from the circles of Aboubakar’s political opponents. I don’t mean to say that Abou was used, but he was named in full awareness that there were at least opaque events running through him.”

“When you are a symbol, whether of the anti-mafia, or of the rights of the last, or of the fight for the environment and for a fairer country, you must – warned the former mayor of Naples – raise the ethical level in a very high way Otherwise, there is a risk of throwing a season of struggles overboard, which must be preserved regardless of the individuals. Abou was a symbol and still is for many, this story is a tsunami in a delicate moment, where the last ones continue being the last and many who criticize it are people who should have embraced it. It is – concludes De Magistris – a story that, beyond the criminal facts, really leaves me very impressed”.

Source: IL Tempo