Soumahoro, on the Italian left begins Fratoianni’s trial: “He knew everything”

The left rags fly after the Aboubakar Soumahoro case. In Nicola Fratoianni’s party, discontent is growing: the leader knew everything about the situations that could cause embarrassment, but he still went ahead. But “Fratoianni showed total indifference to the news transmitted to him in the party’s competent bodies, emphasizing the considerable positive media appeal following his candidacy in such a short and difficult electoral campaign”, reads a letter sent to the secretary of Si by Mario Nobile and Marco Barbieri, members of the party’s assembly and national leadership.

In short, now Fratoianni cannot “ask Aboubakar Soumahoro for clarification about facts of which he was perfectly aware for a long time before his candidacy debuted: an unacceptable hypocritical attitude, harmful to the good name of the Italian left and to the dignity of those who, despite this or much more often ignoring it, they trusted the list that included us”, reads the letter of fire.

In short, the party could not fail to know either… Even party leaders in the province of Foggia had “manifested opposition in various party contexts and above all in the National Assembly which on 17 August presented the candidacies of the Alleanza Verdi list to the left of the vote in which Soumahoro was a candidate in the single constituency of Modena and in five multi-year constituencies”, reconstruct the exponents of the SI. “The answer was that the candidacy was an expression of the allied formation of Green Europe, directly desired by Bonelli”. What happens now? Ten members of Si’s national leadership, reports Repubblica, are calling for the convening of an assembly that will likely see as the political culprit not Soumahoro, but Fratoianni himself.

Source: IL Tempo