The virologist Pregliasco prepares to land in politics: “Available for the future of Lombardy”


From Covid to politics? Fabrizio Pregliasco, national president of Anpas, during his speech at the 54th National Congress of Public Assistance in the Confindustria Technical auditorium in Rome, highlighted the current political situation: “We need a general political renewal. Associations such as Anpas and all managers cannot fail to be part of it, precisely because we are also civil society. To that end, let me say it plainly: the time has come to take global, administrative and political responsibility. The time has come to make our voices reach louder in parliamentary halls, regional councils, municipalities, streets and among the people. Wherever politics finds its fulfillment. Where decisions are made and where choices are made for the benefit of all. Because if that doesn’t happen, someone else will decide for us. And it is said that he will be someone better than us.

“My personal fate is not important – continues Pregliasco, a virologist who became famous during the Covid pandemic -, the fate of all of us and of our country is important. It doesn’t matter what I will do or what some of us will do in the near future. What matters are the results we can achieve as an association of associations and as exponents of civic thinking and service action for the benefit of Italy, because public assistance is by nature horizontal, democratic and, above all, serves everyone, no one. excluding”. Underlining the “strong need to strengthen the social base” in Lombardy, a region “that will soon be called upon to make a fundamental choice for its future, the leadership of the regional government”, Pregliasco launches the challenge: “Convinced of that I can make my contribution to face these challenges, I officially dissolve the reserve and I feel honored to accept the position of president of ANPAS Lombardia and to make myself fully available for the future of my Region”.

Source: IL Tempo


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