“Soumahoro? Fratoianni knew everything”. From the Italian left they bother the leader


Elena Fattori, an Italian left-wing activist and former parliamentarian, together with ten other party leaders (including Silvia Prodi, granddaughter of former Prime Minister Romano) signed a document addressed to the leadership for the choice of party candidates after the Aboubakar case Soumahoro. Fattori then gave an interview to Corriere della Sera in which she pointed to Nicola Fratoianni, number one at SI: “A character was chosen without going to see what he really proposed beyond all his appearances in the media. We knew all about these stories about co-ops. The direction of the Italian left knew, I warned them. I visited the Karibu cooperative during a visit to centers for asylum seekers that I made when I was in the 5 Star Movement. I didn’t even know it was Soumahoro’s mother-in-law, she told me when she accompanied me on the visit. It was dirty, dilapidated, there was mould, I was told the boiler was out of order. I’ve seen many structures but this one is the worst, in the middle of nowhere as it was”.

“I talked about it – admits Fattori – even with Fratoianni. He didn’t think it was a material fact. On the other hand, Soumahoro had great weight in the media. He had just appeared on a weekly cover as the future leader of the left. No one went to see what his proposals were on clandestine hiring, on public hospitality, on cooperatives. They looked for him for the candidacy knowing who he was”.

Source: IL Tempo


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