Disagreement between unions, fire against Landini: “He wants to be the leader of the left”


Maurizio Landini, number one of the CGIL, complained about the maneuver launched by the Meloni government and the inadequacy of economic measures, announcing his willingness to take to the streets against the executive. But in the trade union universe not everyone agrees, on the contrary we are witnessing a real fracture. The background is revealed by La Stampa, which tells how the trade union world is divided and Landini’s statements and movements are considered as those of an aspiring leftist political leader. “We really didn’t think about going to the streets”, the reaction comes from the CISL, where “they are scared by Landini’s ‘political’ activism. In the corridors of Via Po, the suspicion that reached the ears of secretary Luigi Sbarra is that the leader of the CGIL wants to propose himself ‘as the only dam on the left’ to the dispositions of the center-right executive”.

“The tones expressed – continues the newspaper in its reconstruction – by the union that is inspired by democratic Catholicism go against the criticism that the CGIL has made to the executive in the last few hours. According to Sbarra, the budget law is ‘appreciable’, now Prime Minister Meloni ‘should open discussions with the union to improve maneuvering during the parliamentary process, an extra effort is needed’. Dialogue, not square”. Emphasizing that Landini wants to lead the left in Italy after the resignation of Enrico Letta from Pd. Uil’s position is still in the balance, which may follow the CGIL in the protests against Meloni.

Source: IL Tempo


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