Autonomy, Calderoli sets the goals: “The text in the CDM by the end of the year”

The law implementing the differentiated autonomy will reach the Council of Ministers by the end of the year, the parliamentary process will be completed by 2023 while in 2024 the first transfers of State functions to the Regions that will request it may already take place. The Minister of Regional Affairs, Roberto Calderoli, establishes the stages of differentiated regionalism and reaffirms the support for the reform by all the majority forces and by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in primis.

The forum for taking stock of the times and objectives of the law is the Special Autonomy Commission of the Regional Council of Lombardy. “In relation to the work done by the last ministers, we wanted to accelerate it but as a sign of continuity – explains Calderoli – We set up a certain administrative path”. The stated objective is to complete the process of the law and the definition of the Lep, the essential levels of performance, through the Dpcm by the end of 2023. The control room included in the stability law will have to draw up a detailed list of the services to be returned. Then it will take six more to establish “standard costs and needs for each item”, a premise “indispensable for any decentralization process and never done before”, explains Calderoli. At the same time, the parliamentary passage for the approval of the implementing law will take place. “If the two routes run identically and symmetrically – this is the forecast – it will be possible to start signing the first State-Region agreements on individual matters as early as the beginning of 2024”.

Source: IL Tempo