Regional autonomy, green light for Calderoli text irritates the Democratic Party and the Left

«Finally, the work phase for differentiated autonomy can begin». The announcement bears the signature of the Minister of Regional Affairs and Autonomies, Roberto Calderoli. The text of the law was sent to the Prime Minister and, with the approval of the budgetary manoeuvre, it is also planned to create a control room for determining the Lep (essential performance levels) « which we are working on so that it is operational as early as January”. The Minister of the Northern League receives positive comments from the governors of Veneto and Lombardy, Luca Zaia and Attilio Fontana, but triggers a sharp reaction from the opposition. The Democratic Party is ready to lift the barricades and the candidate for secretary of the democracy , Elly Schlein, speaks of “serious impropriety” of the head of regional affairs: “Withdrawing the text of the differentiated autonomy bill and taking it first to the State -Regions and to a joint conference for an obedient institutional comparison”. dem Francesco Boccia vents: «Does the right of the government believe that it can face the reforms that affect the structure of the country with this arrogance without any preventive confrontation? is the position of President Meloni?

Not even the leader of the Green and Left Alliance group in the Deputies’ Constitutional Affairs commission, Filiberto Zaratti: “Enough of the League’s blackmail on differentiated autonomy, they want to impose the text “Spacca Italia”, we hope to hear reasonable voices also in the majority”. Among the promoters of the 2017 referendum on autonomy, which brought more than 2.3 million citizens to the polls in Veneto, Zaia toasts Calderoli’s last action: “The minister had made precise commitments and, as usual, words followed the facts. The road to autonomy, thanks to this government, is rapidly taking shape, with two fundamental pieces”. reform will be built in the coming months.” And Fontana echoes him: “The sending of the text of the autonomy bill and the installation of the control room in Lep confirms, once again, that Minister Calderoli is a “man of B.C to”. To him goes the thanks of all the Lombards who five years ago went to the polls to loudly ask for greater autonomy for our region”.

The autonomy that warms the hearts of the Northern Regions, especially those led by the Northern League, is not equally enthusiastic in the South. Among the most dubious are the dem governors of Campania and Puglia, Vincenzo De Luca and Michele Emiliano. And Piero De Luca, deputy leader of the Democratic Party in the Chamber and eldest son of the President of Campania, attacks: “The decision of Minister Roberto Calderoli to transmit to the Prime Minister the text of the bill of the so-called differentiated autonomy is a true institutional tear”.

Source: IL Tempo