Fidanza accusers now hide news of failed ‘black lobby’ inquiry

A brief brief about “Stampa” and “Fatto Daily”. Not a single line about “Republic” and, above all, “Fanpage”. This is how the newspapers that mostly conducted the investigation into the alleged “black lobby” dedicated to politics and corruption and that supposedly involved the MEP from the Brothers of Italy Carlo Fidanza dealt with the news of the request for dismissal made by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Milan against Fidanza himself. An investigation vanished into thin air because “there is no evidence”.

At the time – fifteen months ago – the MEP was forced to self-suspend himself from the Fdi group following the outcry for the investigation of the Fanpage video that lasted for several weeks and was resumed by several newspapers and with special emphasis on the lecture “Piazzapulita” by Conrad Formigli. But now that the facts are being debunked in court, no one is giving the latest news the same importance.

Not bad, for Fidanza it is still a victory: “I never doubted that it would end like this, but today I finally get out of that shameful mountain of media mud”, says the MEP.

“Thanks to those who were close to me – the conclusion – and supported me during these long fifteen months, thanks to you who never stopped supporting me… and thanks also to those who thought I was sinking and on the contrary, made me a stronger and more aware man. It will be useful to continue the good fight”.

Source: IL Tempo