Renzi-Calenda, single-party pact: goal is government in 2027

Renzi-Calenda, single-party pact: goal is government in 2027

A race in two stages: the first objective is to be ready for the 2024 European elections, well above double digits and aim to be one of the first groups in Brussels. The second stage is scheduled for 2027, to bring liberal, reformist, popular and republican forces back to government. It is the script for the future single party of Matteo Renzi and Carlo Calenda, drawn up in front of the audience of the Liberal Democrats, gathered in Milan. «Thanks to Carlo Calenda for the patient work he is doing to give life to the federation», the leader of Italia viva began from the stage, who immediately extends his hand to Più Europa: «I would be happy if they were there too, and there is room for them too. having a little piece of the popular world because they are tight on both the right and the left». That said, Renzi makes it clear: “The single party has no alternative.” Then, of course, he admits, «there is the problem of how we set it up, I believe a lot in the constituent process. Let’s choose them together on times and methods, without getting stuck in the ‘piddite of the rules’ ». In short, we need to build the one party “without killing ourselves in the rules”, as is happening in the House of the Democratic Party in view of the congress. «We are ready to reason with everyone, but we are going to set ourselves a great objective, to be those who build Europe in 2024 and an alternative in Italy. The work is of course going to be a single party, let’s see the times together », he continues. After the goal of the 2024 European elections, the fourth leader outlines another objective: «It’s up to us, there is no alternative with the Pd and the grillini, so let’s prepare for the nomination, the first step in 2024 and the second in 2027 , bring reformers back into government against conservatives and populists.

Calenda does not shy away from the path traced by the former prime minister, but he warns: “If we start to make the most liberal continue to be a circle of losers who do autogenic training among themselves. No to an Illuminati circle, it doesn’t work that way». On the contrary, for the leader of Acção “a party is contestable when you go to register in the area and you have to balance good and bad representation, otherwise we would all have 45% and we wouldn’t still be here to discuss. We are an area with profound differences but that built Italy, the liberals, the republicans, the reformists, the part of the social democrats who understood that there is no social justice that is built by decree, but with the word emancipation, which is missing in this country. There has to be more Europe in this project, it has to be », he adds.

And Più Europa, for the time being, does not close the door: “We must arrive at the 2024 European elections with a strong and authoritative list that points to an open Europe and a renewed Europe”, the secretary Benedetto Della Vedova accepts the challenge. “I believe that we should aim to build a strong and powerful list of liberal democrats”, with the aim of uniting the “forces that look to liberal groups in Europe, to have a list that really represents an alternative for Italian voters”. Calenda then defines the next steps, the first in the spring to write the common manifesto, the second no later than September for the single party constituent: “I intend to bring to the next federation meeting” between Action and Italia viva “the party project unique in the liberal, democratic, popular and reformist area, a project that will be open to associations and personalities to write a manifesto of values ​​and political objectives in March-April, after which the constituent assembly will take place where there is room for political forces, for cultural movements, for individual personalities and tribune rights for minority currents, which we could do in June or September, and which will give life to a party that follows the rules of political parties in every single piece of representation, above all contestability”.

Source: IL Tempo