Short left. Meloni attacks, but rejects the latest fuel discount

Short left.  Meloni attacks, but rejects the latest fuel discount

We really saw all the colors yesterday, in the plenary of the Chamber, on the occasion of the Assembly’s definitive endorsement of the Quater decree of Aid. A surreal morning that elapsed amid the sometimes improbable opposition protests. Incidentally, what to say about the program that featured the co-spokesperson of Europa Verde and deputy of the Green and Left Alliance, Angelo Bonelli, who, in the middle of the declaration of the device’s final vote, showed the entire hemicycle, strictly in favor of the chamber, perhaps bringing them directly from the market, a courgette, a sandwich with olive oil, a half liter carton of milk and a pear, testifying to the exceptional increases in basic needs in the last year.

Not satisfied, the representatives of the Avs group then raised their black hands on the occasion of the final vote on the measures, to challenge the decision to resume drilling for natural gas extraction. “Our gesture in the Chamber to tell the government and the majority that your hands are dirty with coal and oil, you have them as black as the future you leave us”, explained the leader of the group in Montecitorio of Alleanza Verdi and Sinistra, Luana Zanella . “This black represents the color of the future that this government will leave us,” added Bonelli himself on Facebook.

The parliamentarians of the 5 Star Movement also thought of standing out by displaying signs with the word “Shame” written in large letters, to protest against the increase in fuel prices, complete with reference to point 17 of the circumscription program of the Brothers of Italy and, in particular, the phrase “Sterilization of State revenue from taxes on energy and fuel and automatic reduction of VAT and excise duties”. Prompt intervention by the sellers who invited the pentastellati exponents to remove the signs.

More generally, there is the paradox of a left that has resorted to everything to challenge a decree, the quater of Aiuti, with an endowment of nine billion euros, containing, not by chance, «urgent measures to support the energy sector and public finances”. unbearable costs of the bills and who, at the same time, do not even want to know about the drilling rule, still contained in the quater decree of Aiuti, which unlocks for good the new gas extraction concessions in the Italian seas. A contradiction in terms, well highlighted for the majority. Thus, he has reasons to sell the leader of the FdI group in the Chamber, Tommaso Foti, who observed: “They cry for the reduction of excise taxes on fuel consumption and vote against the discount that kept them. tion, hypocritical as always, falsely accuses the government of having increased excise taxes, but does not vote in the House for the fourth decree of Ajuda that gives indications on energy matters. Without energy autonomy, we will always be subject to the dictates of other countries. Evidently the opposition does not know how to be responsible, but it arbitrarily attacks the government that thinks about families and companies. We do not learn lessons from those who, out of revenge, make perverse choices that have repercussions on citizens”.

Source: IL Tempo