Polls, excise taxes do not slow down the center-right: even higher. Pd-M5s frozen shower

Polls, excise taxes do not slow down the center-right: even higher.  Pd-M5s frozen shower

What is the weight of the controversy over excise taxes and fuel prices in political polls? One indication comes from the latest survey by the Political Termometer done through interviews carried out between January 10th and 12th, therefore in the heat of the clash for the non-renewal of the tax cut on gasoline and diesel by the government of Giorgia Meloni. Well, the results of the latest TP poll are quite surprising.

In fact, there was a sensational trend reversal for the center-right because the rise in gasoline prices no longer seems to affect the consensus of the government and the majority parties. Indeed, confidence in Prime Minister Meloni is growing (to 44%) and preferences for Brothers Italy, Lega and Forza Italia are also growing.

Center-right forces are growing compared to the previous survey: Fdi is at 28.8%, Carroccio at 8.6 and Forza Italia at 7.1. The left and moderate opposition forces, in decline and unchanged, do not benefit from the situation. Giuseppe Conte’s 5 Star Movement is at 17.5%, Pd 16.3, Action/Italia Viva at 8, Sinistra Italiana/Verdi at 3.2. Among the other parties +Europa 2.5 percent, Italexit 2.4, Unione Popolare 1.5, Italia Sovrana 1.4. The situation is different when Italians are asked what they think about the non-extension of fuel discounts. 76 percent of respondents are calling on the government to reintroduce it with 50.8 who would like a permanent cut in excise duty.

The survey also asks Italians what they think about “sovereignty”: the result is that more than half of respondents evaluate it positively. 28.2 percent think it is necessary to restore Italy’s sovereignty and rediscover national pride, 23.3 percent say sovereignty is needed to increase national control in strategic areas without coming into conflict with allies. 29.1 percent, less than one in three Italians, think that sovereignty and nationalism only cause harm. Another 16.9% are critical and ask for a balance between integration and identity.

Source: IL Tempo