Pd, Bonaccini resurrects D’Alema and Bersani: turn left because he fears division

Pd, Bonaccini resurrects D’Alema and Bersani: turn left because he fears division

The doors open for D’Alema, Bersani and Article One voters. And a convinced yes to the alliance with the 5 Star Movement, as long as it is done from a position of strength. This is the content of the interview given yesterday by Stefano Bonaccini to «La Stampa». An interview in which the governor of Emilia Romagna, candidate for the leadership of the Democratic Party after Letta, tries to “cover up” the left. «Bersani and D’Alema? The doors are open to everyone, to anyone who wants to come back», explains Bonaccini. “We must rediscover the majority vocation which is the opposite of self-sufficiency – he adds – alliances are indispensable, but either you make them from a position of strength or the very reason for our existence is missing: because we were born to be a great party, not an irrelevant party”.

The aim, as mentioned, is to get rid of the “new Renzi” label that some areas of the Democratic Party are trying to give him. Last but not least, former minister Andrea Orlando: «I hope in the affirmation of candidates capable of avoiding a return to a posture that we have fought in recent years: the centrist and moderate drift is not what we need and exposes us to the M5s blow”.

Thus, the Emilian governor advances to the contract, also to prevent his victory from giving rise to yet another split. An eventuality that everyone denies (“There is no risk, the party will remain united” assured his opponent Elly Schlein yesterday) but which in reality continues to loom menacingly over the Nazareno.

The problem is that Bonaccini’s attempt not to disappoint the maximalist wing of the party ends up irritating his possible reformist allies. This is the case of Carlo Calenda, involved in the project of a single party with Matteo Renzi, who sarcastically comments on the words of the candidate for the Dem secretariat: “Bersani, D’Alema, M5S, De Luca and Emiliano. Bonaccini’s involution towards the “mixed-race populists” is a problem for all reformists because it reduces the possibility of alliances to zero. We need to move quickly towards building the single libdem party», writes the leader of Azione on Twitter. To which Bonaccini himself promptly replies: «Dear Carlo, read the whole play instead of the title. Or since you are so interested in dealing with the Democratic Party, take half an hour, come and listen to me on the next initiative, that way you will judge what I say, not what they lead». However, the issue of congressional participation by Article One “splitters” remains quite divisive within the Dem community. The “gathering” project was started by Enrico Letta with the path of the “Democratic Agoras”.

Then, the early elections and the secretary’s subsequent resignation interrupted the project and reopened the process. Which also affected the long debate over congressional rules. In the end, the identified mediation foresees that the 13,000 registered in article 1 can present themselves in the dem sections and vote, without having registered in the Democratic Party and without having paid the respective fee. Fifty thousand members of the Democratic Party will have to subscribe to their card at the “modest” price of 27 euros. For the former, it will be enough to sign the commitment to subscribe to the Pd card when the new registration campaign opens, once the congress is over. It’s hard for them to actually do it if the “welcome” candidate doesn’t win. Yet another paradox of a competition in which, more than programs, we talk about sophistry.

Source: IL Tempo