Vught Prison will have its own courtroom

Vught Prison will have its own courtroom

The prison in Vught, which is also home to the Extra Secure Institution (EBI), will have its own courtroom.

Minister Weerwind writes this to the House of Representatives. Criminal prosecution will soon be able to be carried out partially in prison and EBI detainees will have less need to go to court.

Minister Weerwind writes that this transport is associated with all kinds of risks (forced escape attempts or liquidation attempts).

“We are increasing security for society by delivering justice within the walls of Vught prison,” Minister Weerwind writes in the letter.

It is not yet known when the hall will be finished. For example, there will be a small room where judges can hold pro forma hearings. Referees can make this assessment themselves.

The prison in Vught will be the second place for hearings and detention in the Netherlands, at a location next to the Schiphol justice complex.

Source: NOS