Schlein recalls the great “old men” of the Democratic Party: “I want the return of D’Alema and Bersani”

Schlein recalls the great “old men” of the Democratic Party: “I want the return of D’Alema and Bersani”

On the day that Silvia Roggiani, a PSD deputy in the first legislature, was appointed president of the Congressional Commission, the return of ex-boyfriends to the company is once again a subject. In particular, one of the congressional candidates, Elly Schlein, hopes that Pier Luigi Bersani and Massimo D’Alema will return to the Democratic Party. The deputy says she is certain that, if she is elected secretary, Bersani and D’Alema will return to the party. «I hope and believe so, also because we had similar paths with Article One and Roberto Speranza – says Schlein -. Even now they are wondering what contribution to bring to the congress, which is constituent. I am convinced that it is an opportunity to rediscover the unity of a renewed left in the direction and vision it proposes”, concludes the candidate.

For his part, Stefano Bonaccini, the candidate considered the favorite and leader in the polls, guarantees that, with him at the head of the Nazarene, the candidates for Parliament will again be chosen with the primaries. Meanwhile, it’s chaos in Campania, where the final race for the regional congress begins. Bonaccini won in Avellino and yesterday he was in Caserta and Naples, where he met with the mayor Gaetano Manfredi, close to the Democratic Party, but not affiliated. In public nominations, he is always paired with Piero De Luca, responsible for Bonaccini’s Southern movement and son of the President of the Region, who sides with him without declaring it. Schlein arrives in Naples on Friday and can count on the support of AreaDem and the Orlandians. The same front for the party’s regional commissioner, Francesco Boccia, who was chosen as the national coordinator of the motion.

The events of the national congress are intertwined with those of the election of the regional secretary. Based on the regulation, applications must be submitted by January 27, but there has been fibrillation between the alignments in Campania for some time. The united front that, on a national scale, argues Bonaccini, could split, creating a split between the Vincenzo De Luca area and the Pd group in the regional council, which intends to elect a profile not linked to the former mayor of Salerno. Between tensions and possible fractures, there is a risk that the regional congress will slip for a few weeks in relation to the national one. Yesterday Bonaccini sent a clear message from Naples: “I hope that the questions about the territories find a solution, because I fear that those who are watching us have had enough of the fights”. MEP Franco Roberti, nominated by commissioner Boccia, will lead the regional commission that took office yesterday. “In Campania we have a poor party – accused Boccia – The party has a limited debt condition, of tens of thousands of euros – he clarifies – it is not an insurmountable situation, but it is unacceptable for a party that leads the Region in the vast majority of bells cities. Some elected officials don’t pay.” And about online voting, Boccia summed up: “Hypocrite to go through limitation”.

Source: IL Tempo