Polls and Leaders, Meloni #1 in Europe: US Ranking Triumph

Polls and Leaders, Meloni #1 in Europe: US Ranking Triumph

An international ranking rewards Giorgia Meloni. This is Morning Consult which, explained the Minister of European Affairs Raffaele Fitto in a publication on Facebook, is “an American company for surveys and analysis of global intelligence”. This company recently launched the Global Lerader Approval Tracker, which measures the popularity of leaders in your country. Well, the Italian Prime Minister is fourth overall, behind Indian leader Modi, Mexican Obrador and Australian Albanese.

Despite the difficulty of the economic and social agenda, in fact, Giorgia Meloni’s consensus rate is 48%, six points more than Joe Biden, President of the United States, with 42%. In Europe it is the first. And far away, in ninth place overall, come on an equal footing the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron and the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. “The result is a certificate of trust for the entire Meloni government – ​​commented Fitto – and confirms the Prime Minister’s authority both in Europe and in the world”.

Numerous reactions to the classification within Fratelli d’Italia. Deputy Ylenja Lucaselli observes: “The ranking of the American company Morning Consult attests to the effectiveness of a government action that, despite the difficult context, managed to keep this pact of trust alive with the voters”. Riccardo Zucconi, secretary Presidency of the Chamber, observes how the report shows “what we have always lived and seen, that is, the great skills of a leader like Giorgia Meloni who was able, over the years, to build step by step, not only a party, but also a new ruling class”. Giorgia Meloni”.

Source: IL Tempo