Polls, the FdI “awesome” data. Even Excise Taxes Can’t Resurrect the Democratic Party

Polls, the FdI “awesome” data.  Even Excise Taxes Can’t Resurrect the Democratic Party

A physiological oscillation or the signal of a trend reversal? The latest political polls collected in the first Supermedia of 2023 carried out by YouTrend/Agi show Italy’s Brothers coming back below the – very high, I have to say – threshold of 30%. A drop that emerges from the latest data recorded at the end of December 2022. We are talking about a “quite marked change” because Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s party loses around 0.7 percent. A quantitatively limited deceleration and therefore “may be a physiological oscillation”. But it could also represent “an effective decrease in support,” the researchers comment. In the latter case, it is likely that the increase in the cost of fuel after the excise duty cut was not extended had something to do with it.

Despite this, it is “significant because it is the first turnaround in many months in relation to the FdI. If Athens cries Sparta does not laugh. In fact, the opposition does not register significant advances, however as the allies of the center-right.

Having said that, let’s move on to the numbers that summarize the average of the surveys carried out from January 5 to 18 by the institutes EMG (date of publication: January 9 and 16), Euromedia (January 15), Piepoli (January 10), SWG ( 10 and 17 January) and Tecnè (14 January): FdI 29.6 percent (-0.7), M5S 17.5 (-0.1), Pd 15.8 (-0.2), Lega 8.9 (-0.1), Third Pole 8.0 (+0.1), Forza Italia 7.0 (+0.1), Greens/Left 3.1 (-0.3), +Europe 2 .6 (+0.3), Italexit 2.3 (+0.1), Unione Popolare 1.4 (-0.3), Noi Moderati 1.2 (-0.1). As for the coalitions, the centre-right was affected by the slowdown of the Brothers of Italy and stood at 46.7 (-0.8). The center-left gains something: 22.0 (+0.4), but this is a small deviation from the difference with the ruling coalition, which remains at almost 25 points.

Source: IL Tempo