No miniskirts, no rape: anti-violence leaflet stuck in Parliament

The “anti-rape” leaflet of the Municipality of Cividale del Friuli (Udine) is becoming a national cause. The Green and Left Alliance caucus in the House has already put a question to the minister of the family. In the Friulian town, a chorus is rising, demanding the resignation of mayor Daniela Bernardi and Equal Opportunities councilor Catia Brinis. In fact, the opponents in the municipal council have even submitted a motion of no confidence to the centre-right local government. Meanwhile, the mayor’s guest, who will present the book of Friuli Venezia’s president, Giulia Massimiliano Fedriga, is expected in Cividale. “We expect Fedriga to distance itself from this initiative,” the local opposition told Today.

City brochure ‘no to smiles and miniskirts to avoid rape’ sparks controversy

The brochure wants to be a way to inform young people about gender-based violence. Actually the title is “Prevent aggression, fight with violence”. But how? Among the various points, we read: “Don’t give sneering or provocative smiles to strangers” and “remember that the aggressor also observes and selects victims based on certain details, such as jewelry and overly elegant or flamboyant clothing”. A storm has broken out over the method that was born precisely in schools and student councils. Now, after Ms Elisabetta Piccolotti puts a written question to Minister Eugenia Maria Roccella, the brochure will also be the subject of debate in the House of Representatives.

Question to Minister Roccella

“The municipality of Cividale del Friuli and the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, instead of promoting awareness-raising and efforts to combat the culture of violence, spreads a text full of clichés in which behavior that concerns the freedom of each individual is blamed,” says Piccolotti, “the only real prevention of violence is sentimentality, consent, It regards the spread of such a distorted message in schools as “a scandal, even though it is based on education based on respect for the other and the condemnation of any attitude that justifies any form of violence.”

The parliamentary left asks ministers “what is the orientation with regard to the theme presented and what immediate empowerment initiatives they are considering taking, even if they are of a regulatory nature, so that the theme of preventing violence in all schools at all levels addressed gender through the promotion of education in sensuality, consent and respect for the Other”. . In addition, the ministry is asked “whether they intend to take initiatives within their mandate to provide precise guidelines with the regions, municipalities and schools on the development of information material on the theme of preventing gender-based violence”. ” just to avoid cases like the one in Cividale.

“That brochure produces grievances”

“The problem is that this booklet gives girls advice on how to behave to avoid exposure to violent men – Piccolotti explained directly to Today – but it doesn’t touch at all on education about affectivity, gender-based violence. Try to encourage thought”.

Elisabetta Piccolotti

Not only do they fail to address the most fundamental issues of men’s violence against women, but that advice backfires. But is it really advice to tell a girl not to smile at a guy? The Italian Left MP continues: “These are stereotypes that can really create secondary victimization in victims – the problem here is that when it comes to aggression, we go back to the old way of legitimizing violence, so the woman “if” Our critique of this approach is radical and this pamphlet will tell students It’s crazy to have nothing else”.

As a matter of fact, there is a demand for the resignation of the mayor from the red-green alliance, because it should be known that “this is the least of the mistakes of this administration” on the front.

Motion of no confidence in the mayor: “Resign”

After all, it was Mayor Bernardi himself who justified himself by reiterating that it wasn’t the first year they’d distributed that pamphlet. “The same advice was given last year,” said Cividale’s first citizen. For the opposition, this is perhaps the most serious thing. That’s why the councilors of the opposition groups “Prospettiva Civica”, “Civi_ci” and “Impegno Comune” called for an emergency city council to be convened, where they would present a motion of no confidence against the city council with a resignation request. mayor Daniela Bernardi and councilor Catia Brinis.

“In addition to not taking a step back, the content was claimed without much conciliatory statements to the press, which caused more reactions from the media. It is the fault of some girls who “walk around showing their underwear”. “unacceptable words” from someone in high corporate office.

The anger was so great that the distance became two-sided. It turns out from the local press that even the five councilors of the majority, one of whom is also a district councilor (Elia Miani), strayed from the contents of that brochure. “It’s interesting that even some councilors in the majority keep their distance,” city councilor Fabio Manzini told Today directly. Even Mayor Fedriga, who is supposed to come here in Cividale in the presence of the mayor, should keep his distance and it would be very serious not to come,” he said. Also because the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region sponsored this brochure.

Fabio Manzini-2

“The district head has a duty to stand with the students of Cividale who are protesting the municipal government of the duchy city: the leaflet distributed in schools as an anti-rape function has the opposite effect, it is seriously misinformed and dishonorable. Fedriga serves as a reference for Local Authorities and helping the mayor Bernardi correct a sensational mistake”, also Democratic Party senators Tatjana Rojc and Valeria Valente, woman is always “the responsibility of men who must be brought up in a right and equal relationship with women”.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Cividale del Friuli plans to meet with protesting students. It was precisely the latter who requested a meeting with Daniela Bernardi to get a word from the mayor: education courses on violence against women, if they are to be included in schools, should at least be redesigned only after they have been rested. to students.

Source: Today IT