Which parties have collected the most money from 2 per thousand?

The data on the financing provided to the parties thanks to the citizens who donated 2% of İrpef in 2022 were published on the website of the Ministry of Finance. In the meantime, it is necessary to say that the total figure is over 20.4 million. The total euros raised by donations is an increase compared to 18.5 in 2021 and almost 19 in 2020. expenses of the parties.

However, which political forces are raising the most money? At the top of the ranking is the Democratic Party, which has once again shown its voters to be as generous as in previous years. 1.16% of total taxpayers chose to donate 2 per thousand to the Democratic Party, thus raising more than 7.3m euros.

Around 3.1 million Euros will go to Fratelli d’Italia and 1.25 million Euros will go to Action. It is followed by the League with 1.2 million, Italia Viva with 970 thousand and Article 1 with a little less than 900 thousand euros. Therefore, further down, we see Green Europe and the Greens with 837 thousand euros, and the Italian Left, which will raise 832 thousand euros from 2 per thousand. And 5 Stars? Because they were not registered in the national party register (determined by the decree law no. 149 of 2013), the M5s had to give up their 2% of resources, at least for the time being.

Source: Today IT