Russian funds to League, asked for archiving but ‘Salvini could have known’

No illegal funding for the League when it comes to Russian funds. Milan prosecutor’s office calls for dismissal of suspects in hotel investigation metropolis In fact, from e-mails, photos, messages and phone records, it was revealed that the group formed by Matteo Salvini’s former spokesperson Gianluca Savoini, Francesco Vannucci and Gianluca Meranda “acted especially in the second half of 2018”. Focusing on 2019 commitments, elections to conclude commercial transactions with Russian oil products suppliers, with the aim of diverting large sums of money from these transactions, which will mainly be used to finance the Lega per Salvini political party as prime minister. But there is no objection to the crime.

Because financing is not illegal

Numerous meetings were held between the parties involved to finalize the deal – about 40 in a little over a year – and Italian mediators led by Savoini made several trips to Moscow to meet with the interlocutors “at the “meeting at the Metropol hotel” the political basis of the operation was reaffirmed by Savoini and The possible size and destination of commissions has also been clarified for the League and all the rest, with “over 4 percent – that is, over 4 percent – available to Russian mediators, as noted in the discussion in Metropol”.

In the absence of elements that make it possible to identify the recipients of the oil trade sums and the public role of the beneficiaries, the dispute does not appear to be “concretely configurable”. The Milan prosecutors conclude that “the Lega party is now more likely to challenge the illicit financing attempt hypothesis that the resulting behavior, at least potentially, did not achieve the appropriate connotations of concreteness and effectiveness to achieve the goal.”

The role of Matteo Salvini

From some wiretaps included in the request to close the investigation metropolis During the investigation of the deputy prime minister, the Milan prosecutor’s office concludes that current Infrastructure Minister Matteo Salvini was “aware of the negotiations being conducted” by Gianluca Savoini, founder of the Lombardy-Russia association, by Gianluca Meranda’s lawyer, and former banker Francesco Vannucci “aimed to provide significant financial flows to the party” and furthermore, it seems unreasonable to assume that operations of this magnitude could be carried out without the consent of political leaders”.

However, “concrete elements never emerged” as to whether the League secretary personally participated in the negotiations or was informed of his intention to allocate part of the proceeds from the transaction to the Russian mediators so that they could pay the Russian mediators. public officials.

What the wiretaps say

So, if Carroccio’s number one has never been investigated, the filing request includes some of the conversations in which Salvini was brought up. On February 19, 2019 – a few days before the news broke out in the newspapers – Meranda held a meeting with Italian professionals in the oil products trading sector, where she bragged about her work: “We are visiting Russia on a small scale, and we are visiting Russia, the current deputy prime minister (.. .) that is, when we go, we say that the contacts are mostly at the political level… (…) then there are needs that need to be converted into numbers (…) of course why the political need then”.

On April 14, 2018, Vannucci appears to have met Carroccio’s leader on Meranda 7, while reporting to Meranda that he was with a “Matteo” who “seemed identifiable in the League secretary from the context and the response of the interlocutor”. At the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Rome in June. Contacts with his former spokesman Savoini were more intense, on 15 and 16 July 2018 Savoini returned to Russia, attending official talks at the Italian Embassy in Moscow on the occasion of Salvini’s visit to his counterpart, Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev. On July 17, Savoini reported this to Vannucci as soon as he returned, who in turn reported it to Meranda, who recorded the conversation.

Vannucci: “After dinner… they were there and Kappa (probably identified as a Russian entrepreneur, ed) reasoned and said… ‘Well, Matteo, do you need help?’… ‘eh’… he says… ‘yes, he knows everything… don’t keep me in between… don’t call me… don’t mention my name because I’m ruined… that’s what she said to him… and Kappa said to him… ‘we’ll provide it'”. Vannucci commented shortly afterwards: “Because this is an operation involving Emme … they have secrecy, they have political hats … they know it”.

Source: Today IT