Interceptions, the executioners return to the trenches

Interceptions, the executioners return to the trenches

A total outcry. Which recalls the long season of the head-on clash between politics and the judiciary. It was enough for the Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordio, to reiterate his will to review the wiretapping system – certainly not to contradict its use, but its abuse – to trigger the immediate stoppage of the political forces closest to the togas, from the Pd to the Five stars. It was then enough for the Minister of Justice to recall the distortions arising from the excessive compliance by prosecutors with the theorems of some prosecutors – citing the case of suspects and the investigations of protagonists in the fight against the mafia such as Mori, Subranni and De Donno – to transform the first protests into a real mobilization that echoes the infamous “resist, resist, resist” by Francesco Borrelli.

The escalation of the anti-guarantee revolt immediately found space on the front page of Fatto Quotidiano, which yesterday launched a collection of signatures against “this embarrassing Minister of Justice”, surpassing thirty thousand signatures yesterday afternoon. Then the word is gathered in prosecutors and former mantles. Like Nino Di Matteo, the main theorist of State-Mafia negotiation, who used very heavy words: «It cannot be argued that there was a Parliament supine to anti-Mafia magistrates, but rather that many times they did not want to listen to their opinion and their thoughts. that politically we are at the end of the negotiation and the legitimization of the mafia’s coexistence with the State”.

For the sake of completeness, during his report to the Chamber on the administration of justice, the minister limited himself to recalling the need not to forget the consequences of judicial errors, citing the case of Mario Mori: «I would like to remind you that the general commander da Ros, who practically founded this body that works so well, was subjected to a criminal process for 17 years in which he ended up being acquitted with full formula, with his career ruined and it seems that no one has yet compensated him ». Words that, in addition to receiving applause from the center-right, were received with gratitude by Mori himself: «I consider Nordio’s words a recognition addressed to the many police operators who, in silence and without the possibility of having to defend myself, had to suffer unfair criticism.

At the moment, the outcry does not seem to concern the government, which yesterday, together with Undersecretary of Justice Andrea Delmastro, announced a tightening also in the publication of wiretaps in newspapers. The objective is to target, by providing for ad hoc sanctions, those who publish “irrelevant” interceptions. No intervention in the investigation tool, but the objective is to limit the abuses, eliminate the “eavesdropping” that fall into the sphere of “gossip”, making the publication a civil offense. There are different sensibilities on the subject even in the majority, but the Third Pole of the opposition is ready to give the government a hand: «We are strongly on the side of Nordio, we support his ideas and programmatic lines that we will translate, black and white, into notes» , announced Enrico Costa di Azione.

Source: IL Tempo