Consumption taxes do not prevent Meloni: one out of two votes for centre-right

Brothers of Italy, with a preference rate of 31.3%, confirms that they are the first party in our country by a clear margin compared to their followers. While the Democratic Party gains support, both Lega and the 5 Star Movement are losing their will to vote. There are Swg surveys illustrated by Tg La7 to photograph the political situation. Therefore, non-intervention in excise taxes does not seem to penalize the prime minister’s party, which holds the preference for one out of every three voters. When we put together all the centre-right percentages, the figure is close to 50%: in an election situation, almost one in two voters will vote for the Brothers of Italy, Lega or Forza Italia.

Political polls, Meloni is definitely ahead

Giorgia Meloni’s party is stable at 31.3%, increasing the advantage over M5S. Movement led by Giuseppe Conte drops by 0.1% to 17.6%. The Democratic Party received 0.2% of the vote, rising to 14.2%. It outpaced the League, which lost 0.2% and lost 8.3%.

Italia Viva-Azione is up, growing 0.3% and reaching 7.8%. Forza Italia fell back from 6.9% to 6.4%. Greens and Left stay at 3.7%, +Europe at 3%. For Italy, it was up 0.1% with Paragone and is now worth 2.3%. It was followed by Unione Popolare with 1.8% and Noi Moderati with 1%.

Source: Today IT