Political reactions to the arrest of Matteo Messina Denaro

The arrest of Matteo Messina Denaro, one of the world’s most dangerous and wanted fugitives, is a fact that reinforces the policy that has formed a chorus of unanimous victory for the state against all the mafia. This is how the first reactions come from politics. All are enthusiastic about the arrest of super boss Messina Denaro, but each has their own idea of ​​security and relaunches their own vision of political justice.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni was the first to congratulate the forces of order and the judiciary, speaking directly on the Government’s website and social profiles of a great victory for the State: “The day after the anniversary of the arrest, another head of organized crime, Totò Riina, was brought to justice. Together with the entire government, the police forces and especially the Ros dei Carabinieri, the National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor’s Office and the Palermo Prosecutor’s Office for the arrest of the most important representative of Mafia crime. The government – continues President Meloni – ensures that the fight against mafia crime continues unabated, as the first fact shows – prison defense is a hindrance – exactly on this topic”.

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Therefore, the prime minister not only applauds the work of the gendarmerie and police forces, but also relaunches the fight against the mafia as an item on the government’s agenda. Having already declared anti-mafia in his keynote speech in the chambers of the Assembly, he does so without risking appearing rhetorical to himself after gaining the confidence of the House and Senate. In fact, it also calls for imprisonment, i.e. permanent punishment, which prevents the convict from accessing alternative measures or other assistance, except in cases where he repented and began to cooperate with justice.

Again from the government comes the comment of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Matteo Salvini: “Thirty years later, super boss Matteo Messina Denaro was handcuffed. I thank the men and women of the state with deep feelings. Even the biggest criminals who escaped sooner or later are caught and brought to justice. It’s a good day for Italy and serves as a warning to the mafia: institutions and our uniformed heroes never give up”.

Minister Nordio calls the gendarmerie commander

“Today, with the arrest of Matteo Messina Denaro, one of the most dramatic periods in the history of the Republic really comes to an end. With the capture of the last super fugitive, the fight against the mafia and all kinds of crimes is resolutely renewed every day.” Thus, Palermo Prosecutor Maurizio de Lucia, Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio, who telephoned to congratulate the commander of the Carabinieri, General Teo Luzi, and the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi. “This result is the fulfillment of the long and valuable commitment of “many judges and many agents of the police force – with them Giovanni Falcone and He continued the work of Paolo Borsellino and all officials of the State, and they also paid with life the defense of democratic values”. And it’s no coincidence that the Minister of Justice is talking about renewal because the superboss’ arrest is not the end of an investigation, but a phase of an ongoing investigation. The goal remains to dismantle this network of interests and businesses that allowed Messina Denaro to hide for thirty long years, the so-called gray area aimed at protecting the bosses in their region.

The net that has protected Messina Denaro for thirty years

Democratic Party secretary Enrico Letta also praised the police, writing on Twitter: “Congratulations to the police, the judiciary and everyone who made the capture of Matteo Messina Denaro possible. The mafia always loses in the end. The key message of this historic January 16”.

Further left is the applause of Nicola Fratoianni, the national secretary of the Italian Left. Now politics has to make its own politics. “Now it’s up to politics: to completely cut the incomprehensible relations between organized crime and business and to demand transparent institutions. And the Parliament immediately establishes the anti-mafia commission. The fight against the mafia continues”.

Nicola Fratoianni on the arrest of Matteo Messina Money

The leader of Italia Viva also tweeted Matteo Renzi talking about a day of celebration. In his statement on social media, he said, “The arrest of Matteo Messina Denaro is great news, a historical result. This is a day of celebration for the whole country. We congratulate those who contributed to it, especially the inspectors and the police. Today is a day of happiness. Well done everyone. Long live Italy.” “.

Hug between gendarme and public Arrest Matteo Messina Denaro

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