Decree Ukraine, the Chamber approves the extension of the shipment of weapons


Final approval by the Chamber of Deputies of the Ukrainian decree. There are 215 votes in favor and 46 against. M5s and Alleanza Verdi Sinistra voted against the measure. Some DEM deputies did not vote, including members of the Article 1 component. Already approved by the Senate of the Republic, with a vote by the Chamber of Deputies, the decree was converted into law. The provision, the sixth decree on sending weapons to Kiev since the beginning of the war (the first one dates from March 2022), provides for the extension, until December 31, 2023, subject to the address of the Chambers, of the authorization for the transfer of means, materials and military equipment in favor of the government authorities of Ukraine.

Not everyone, however, is happy with the conversion into law. “At the beginning of the conflict there was discussion of sending weapons and ammunition to the soldiers, anti-tank weapons to stop the Russian advance, with the aim of working diplomatically to restore peace,” said deputy Marco Pellegrini, leader of the 5 Movement of Stars in the House Defense Committee – Now all you hear about is sending high-powered tanks, long-range missiles and aircraft to launch attacks against Russian territory to achieve “victory”, as the president in Kiev of the European Council reiterated Charles Michel. But do you really think that Russia can be defeated militarily? The logic of military support to the last consequences, taken to its last consequences, could lead us soon to no longer talk about sending arms, but about sending troops and therefore to a direct NATO involvement. What will we do when Zelensky asks us not just for weapons, but also for men? Those who talk peace while at the same time embrace the path of military escalation are hypocrites. Tell citizens the truth: Italy and Europe are at war. Have the courage to say it, don’t hide behind a finger.”

Source: IL Tempo


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