Italy will continue to send weapons to Ukraine through 2023


Italy will continue to send weapons to Ukraine throughout 2023. The Chamber definitively approved the “Law Decree containing urgent provisions for the extension of military vehicle, material and equipment sales authorization” with 215 votes in favor and 46 against. In favor of the Ukrainian government officials”. Approved by the Senate, the decree becomes law with the approval of the Chamber. This is the sixth measure in favor of Ukraine: Italy, with the first five, provided Kiev with approximately 1 billion euros in defense aid.

Partial protest of the opposition: “Democracy denied”

The government has the authority to send weapons to Ukraine with the “clear arrow until 31 December 2023″, and it does this by decrees that do not pass the Parliament. We just wanted it to pass through Parliament every time the government decides to send arms. parliamentary democracy, rejected”. he saidAdnKronos Nicola Fratoianni, national secretary of the Italian Left and deputy of the Green-Left Alliance, said, “For the purposes of each authorization regarding the arms shipment, the Government has submitted preventive notifications to the Chambers, expressed by voting on a specific address action for each transfer”.

Why does Germany say no to sending tanks to Ukraine?

“We voted against this decree that overturned the government, as we did in the past – adds Fratoianni – now parliamentary warfare and pacifist initiatives fall outside the halls of Parliament”. Also on the agenda is the negative view, which “asks the government to commit to verifying that arms shipments are made only through government officials and not through intermediaries, given that Interpol has reported for months that a significant portion of military supplies have come to an end”. Fratoianni concludes that the government said “we’re already doing this with the allies, so we’re opposing.”

Of the opposition forces, the Democratic Party – with some exceptions – and the Third Pole voted in favour.

Russian embassy shows Italian vehicles burning

While the House of Representatives enacted the decree on new military aid to Ukraine, a video was shown on the social profiles of the Russian embassy in Italy, where Italian military vehicles caught fire in the Soledar region, where the Russians are located, according to Russian officials. gaining ground lately.

“For the Russian army shooting this video, it doesn’t matter which Italian military vehicles are burning near Soledar: Iveco 4×4 or MLS Shield. They are burning in more or less the same way”. It is not the first time that the Russian embassy is making provocative posts on its social media accounts, and issues related to the war in Ukraine are discussed elsewhere.

Source: Today IT


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