Gas station strike confirmed: only one union reduces it to 24 hours


The government’s last minute mediation attempt to avoid the gas station strike did not produce the desired results and led to a split between the gas station unions, convened by Minister Adolfo d’Urso. At the end of the meeting, the national presidency Faib Confesercenti, urgently meeting, evaluated and considered “positive” the openings of the executive confirmed by the alteration to the decree-law on the transparency of prices to the distributor, and decided to reduce the strike to a single day. The decision will be presented at the coordination meeting with the other acronyms, scheduled for tomorrow morning, Wednesday, January 25th. The remaining acronyms confirm the mobilization of 48 hours. “Too little and too late to cancel the strike. Minister Urso’s last-minute attempt, appreciated by the way, fails to intervene with the necessary concreteness”, said Fegica, Figisc and Anisa in a joint statement, thus confirming the blockade starting today at night until 7 pm on January 26th.

The three unions stress that “the intention of the category to give its full contribution to the reform process, which has only just been announced, is confirmed. An assembly of the leading groups of the entities is scheduled for tomorrow, at Piazza Capranichetta. Montecitorio, open to deputies and senators from all parliamentary groups”. “The announcement of the launch of the table destined to restructure the distribution network and re-establish a regulatory plan certainly goes in the right and desired direction. But the hypothesized changes in the decree, in addition to not being enough, are now in the hands of Parliament. What remains in the background, discounts or not discounts on fines, cartels or non-cartels to show, is the idea of ​​a category of workers who speculate on fuel prices. Which is false and unacceptable. The strike is therefore confirmed “, say the trade union acronyms.

Source: IL Tempo


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