“It’s not our official image”: Colombia Compra Eficiente on Lalis

“It’s not our official image”: Colombia Compra Eficiente on Lalis

This Tuesday, the National Agency for Public Procurement issued a statement on the controversy over the contracts signed between the state and the creator of digital content Laura Beltrán, recognized on social networks as ‘Lalis’.

In principle, the entity pointed out that the “influencers” are not the official image of Colombia Compra Eficiente, but were hired to advise on the creation of digital strategies for the entity’s social networks.

“It has a missionary duty to disseminate to the public and interest groups policies and tools that facilitate state procurement and public procurement and promote efficiency and transparency in this matter,” the agency said in a statement.

They added: “During the months of November and December, one of their areas of work was focused on the design of the story and image of ANCP-CCE’s social networks, including opening the account on the social network Tik Tok and that will be implemented in 2023 to position the Agency’s new bets”.

They emphasized that the contractor’s personal networks are autonomous and independent from those of the National Agency for Public Procurement, and that any opinions expressed therein are personal.

Source: El Heraldo