Conte wants to pay for the oranges with Pos, as the greengrocer responds

A walk through the stalls of one of the most historic and degraded markets in the capital, to experience first-hand the needs of families, in one of the most difficult economic situations in recent times. So did the leader of the M5S, Giuseppe Conte, accompanying the candidate for the presidency of the Lazio Region, Donatella Bianchi, to the market in Piazza San Giovanni di Dio, in the Roman quarter of Monteverde. One of the many symbols of the Capitol’s bureaucratic inefficiencies, a structure declared several times inadequate by the hygiene office, which despite this continues to function and has been waiting for decades to be remodeled.

On a rainy morning that further accentuated the degradation of the poorly repaired site, the former prime minister walked through the stalls chatting with shopkeepers, creating a series of inter-acts. Some reactions from those present are inevitable, oscillating between the welcome surprise (with the right to request the usual selfies) and the controversy of those who have political ideas far from the pentastellato. Among Conte’s most “popular” were the fruit stands, where he stopped to talk about recent price trends. One moment that particularly aroused hilarity among those present was when Conte tried in vain to buy oranges by paying at an ATM, receiving a polite refusal from the grocer, who did not have Pos.

Source: IL Tempo