Elly Schlein Pd: “More taxes and more articulations”, Salvini unmasks the dem


What will the Democratic Party of the future look like if Elly Schlein wins the presidential primary? Simple: “more taxes and more sticks”, summarizes League leader Matteo Salvini with a post on Twitter. In fact, these are “the priorities of the Democratic Party to help the Italians. Do we laugh or cry?”, writes the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure. At the base of Salvini’s tweet are the proposals of Stafano Bonaccini’s main opponent at the helm of the Democratic Party.

In fact, Schlein’s “program” includes a “yes” to the legalization of soft drugs and a progressive inheritance tax, as well as greater participation of members in party choices (as, among other things, promised by all candidates in the dem congresses for decades now), the candidate contested the proposals by answering questions on the satirical Socialisti Gaudenti Instagram page. “Definitely in favor of #BetterLegal”, is Schlein’s position that answers without hesitation the question about the legalization of cannabis.

On inheritance tax, the candidate for the Democratic Party secretariat says that “it should be more progressive, the proposal of the Desigualdade e Diversidade Forum is good”, which also provides for a redistribution of income with a dowry for 18-year-olds. Finally, when questioned about the Democratic Party, the 37-year-old deputy from the Pd thinks it is necessary to consult the base “with democratic participation tools such as the referendums already provided for in the Statute and never carried out. we need to change the terrible electoral law, but until we do, we need primaries to choose who goes to the lists”. , about legalization and taxes.

Source: IL Tempo


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