Petrista bank top: The government has socialized its agenda


The Bank of the Historical Pact is not experiencing its best moments. This became apparent after several short circuits between the main characters.

Despite this, Interior Secretary Alfonso Prada yesterday held the first Petrista meeting to socialize the reform agenda that will land in the legislature from Feb. 6, when additional sessions begin in Congress.

One of the first conclusions of this summit is that political reform will not be withdrawn, as proposed by the President of the House, David Racero.

“We are continuing with all the reforms,” ​​Alfonso Prada said at the end of the meeting.

During the working session, the foundations of the Mining Act, health reform, national environmental system reforms and advances in criminal justice humanization and law of submission to justice were presented.

As for the February 14 mobilizations, the majority of the bank supported President Petro’s invitation.

Minister Prada is meeting this week with various communities, including the liberal and conservative parties and the victim bank in the Chamber

The second Petrista Summit will take place on February 1 in the city of Cartagena. In that case, it is expected that more details will be given about the social reforms that will be presented in the Congress of the Republic.

Source: El Heraldo


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