Regionals of Lombardy, the research that makes Pd tremble and Third pole: Fontana flies

There is a survey that worries a lot in the Democratic Party and in the Third Pole. This is the regional elections in Lombardy. It was conducted by Quorum for Varese News. It concerns only the province of Varese, but it is significant of the atmosphere that it blows. Fontana flies more than 50%. Majorino, in second place, is more than 25 percentage points behind.

Specifically, Attilio Fontana (centre right) receives 54.5% of the preferences, Majorino (Pd) with 27.9, Letizia Moratti (third pole) with 14.9. However, today Fontana took to Facebook to make it known that he had “spoken with Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi to ask for a reinforcement of the forces of order in Lombardy”. “The Army – explains the outgoing governor and center-right candidate in the elections of January 12 and 13 – represents an effective deterrent in many areas of our territory and today I would like to personally thank these guys. I am working to reach an agreement to reinforce the security system, others, friends of social centers, just hearing the mention of ‘uniforms’ start to suffer from hives”.

Source: IL Tempo