Berlusconi pushes for presidentialism: “Italians must choose directly who governs”


The Minister of Reforms, Elisabetta Casellati, met with the Forza Italia delegation to discuss the changes in the form of government. Silvio Berlusconi participated via telephone call, later explaining on Twitter what his and his party’s position is: “For us at Forza Italia, presidentialism is a historic battle that I proposed in a speech to Parliament as early as 1995.” we have the opportunity to approve a project to reform our institutions in a presidential sense, in order to allow Italians to choose directly by whom they will be governed. As always, Forza Italia will do its part and contribute to the approval of a text that is as effective and shared as possible, capable of increasing the space for democracy and helping Italy to recover the stability and competitiveness of the government”.

Casellati also commented on social media: “Today Silvio Berlusconi spoke by telephone with the Fi delegation made up of Licia Ronzulli, Alessandro Cattaneo and Paolo Russo, who reiterated his preference, already expressed in December, for a presidential reform that would allow Italians to elect their President “.

Source: IL Tempo


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