Storm on Grillo’s blog, Zelensky as Saddam Hussein. Baldino (M5S): “No to censorship”


In Tagadà’s studio we talked about the latest article that appeared on Beppe Grillo’s blog. From the title, it’s easy to guess what the focus of the piece “From bombs to songs. Even pain puts on a show” is, in practice an attack on Volodymyr Zelensky and his Western allies, but also on Bruno Vespa, fresh from an interview with the president Ukrainian. “Oblivious to the sacrifices of the Ukrainian people, as a consummate cabaret actor, Zelensky recently participated in video of the gala night in Los Angeles for the 2022 Grammy Awards, at the Davos conference to which he sent his first lady to ask for help from the financial cream and world speculator and asked to go on the Ariston stage, during the Sanremo festival, thanks to the mediation with Amadeus conducted by Vespa who interviewed him. Pure entertainment!”, writes former ambassador Torquato Cardilli. So here’s the point that causes the most discussion: “Perhaps he should be advised to start a series of exorcisms due to the fate of Heads of State who have given so many similar interviews in the past: Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi.”

In the studio is Vittoria Baldino, deputy of the 5 Star Movement and deputy leader of the group in Montecitorio, who comments: what is being done in the article is “a totally inappropriate juxtaposition”, she says referring to the comparison of Zelensky with Hussein and Gaddafi . He then adds: “However, I agree with the part where he expresses concern about a possible nuclear war.” And regarding those who asked for the disassociation of the M5S, Baldino responds: “I do not accept appeals for censorship”.

Source: IL Tempo


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