Pd surrounded, torpedoes by Amato and Prodi: “Incompetent little men”, “clean sweep”

Pd surrounded, torpedoes by Amato and Prodi: “Incompetent little men”, “clean sweep”

All against the Democratic Party. Giuliano Amato says that “the Democratic Party is no longer a party, it is a leading group”, incapable of “building a policy”, because it is made by “many little men who talk to each other about small things”. Romano Prodi increases the dose and explains that it would be enough to propose “four calm things, clear statements and the left is resurrected”. It’s not every day that two former prime ministers meet to present a book and decide, between the lines, to slap the Democratic Party. Listening to them in the front row are deputy party secretary Giuseppe Provenzano and Roberto Speranza, protagonist of the “family reunification” with Article 1. They listen, but when questioned they do not respond.

The event took place at Palazzo Mattei in Paganica, headquarters of the Institute of the Italian Encyclopedia. At the end of the presentation of the volume by Carlo Trigilia «The challenge of inequality. Against the decline of the left», Prodi stops to chat and doesn’t dodge the questions. The congressional challenge, for now, is not heating him up. Few proposals, he observes, little politics. The Democratic Party continues to be “a fundamental reference” in the current political landscape, he stresses. Especially at a time of opposition, where the presidential reform dreamed of by the center-right “worries me”. Afterwards, questioned by Dire about the state of health of the Democratic Party, he said: “There is a totally dissatisfied public opinion. If there are no people saying ‘let’s clean up’, the Democratic Party will not rise again».

At times, Amato is astonished at the Democratic Party’s inability to offer an alternative to the right-wingers who won the elections: “Saying that immigrants are stealing your job, that the European Union wants to tax your house… and a feeling of uncertainty. Just say it”. The former president of the Constitutional Court refers to the EU rules on “green houses” against which the center-right has been criticizing in recent days: “The directive that aims to save humanity from certain death becomes a new tax on houses. It becomes ‘they want to tax your house.'” For Amato, in the face of a policy “made of communicators and big slogans”, there is a “potential highway for a leftist party that addresses pensioners and employees, the only ones missing paying taxes.” Instead, they too end up dazzled by the propaganda that promises them “we will lower taxes for you too… You will no longer have the National Health Service and public schools but you will also pay less “. Prodi adds another element: “Workers no longer vote for the left, except in Emilia-Romagna, fortunately”. ”. It would be enough to propose “four calm things, clearly said and the left resurrected”, because “there is a strong feeling of social injustice and a huge need for the left”.

Source: IL Tempo