Call for more action to fight gender violence

“It is necessary to keep working”, stressed some organizations in the fight against gender violence in the Congress of the Republic after the protocol for the prevention and institutional guidance against sexual violence was drawn up in the legislature.

It should be noted that said protocol was drafted as a measure to counter former senator Gustavo Bolívar’s complaints about an alleged human trafficking network within parliament.

“While this document is a clear advancement in favor of protecting the rights of women, transgender people, non-binary people, and those of sexual orientations, gender identities and diverse gender expressions within Congress, we believe it is necessary to keep working, to that end we have recognize the leadership of the Legal Commission for Women’s Equality as key in what follows in this process,” said the organizations Artemisas, Casa de la Mujer, Sisma Mujer, the National Women’s Network, the GAAT Foundation, the Extitute of Open Policy and Affirmative Caribbean .

They added that the evolution of this administrative law is critical so that it continues to be built collectively, hand in hand with the experience and knowledge of feminist organizations, women’s organizations and LGBTIQ+ people.

They explained that it is necessary to add the commitment of the boards of directors of the House of Representatives and the Senate of the Republic to rigorously and carefully monitor the measures taken to protect women and LGBTIQ+ people from gender-based violence to be carried out. “We invite you to continue to discuss and jointly build the transformation of these spaces.”

Source: El Heraldo