Sectors have criticized reactions from the Minister of Mines

Former senator and presidential candidate George Robledo He wrote on Twitter: “Confirmed the fraudulent nature of the figures of the Minister of Mines, Irene Vélez, on oil and gas reserves. The minister must resign or President Gustavo Petro must demand her resignation. They do great damage Colombia”.

The Radical Change Party in turn tweeted, “#DeNoCreer. Today Minister Irene Vélez had the audacity to say: I don’t know how to tell you, I was traveling, when answering the question where Petro got the figures on the gas reserve until 2037? The source is the false report from her, with whom she was traveling Petro. Shameful”.

Meanwhile, former senator and former Christian presidential candidate John Milton Rodriguez presented to the President of Ecopetrol as a candidate for Minister of Mines: “Minister Irene Vélez, the only viable solution

to overcome the unsustainable crisis of Minenergía is his immediate resignation. Among the many competent people, the president of @Ecopetrol_SA, Philip BayonHe would make an excellent minister.”

the environmentalist Bridget Baptiste stated in a forum of the capital magazine Semana: “There is no need to run like chickens, because Colombia is in such a privileged position that the main reason for the energy transition in Colombia is not the environment, but energy efficiency, improvement of processes, and being a truly non-emitter country, it need not concentrate its environmental policy efforts on that point”.

Source: El Heraldo