Piazzapulita poll, the left rejoices and Crespi freezes: the truth about the FdI

Piazzapulita poll, the left rejoices and Crespi freezes: the truth about the FdI

There is something of a tug of war in the latest political polls that show a drop in the Brotherhood of Italy, such as the one presented on Thursday, January 26, during Piazzapulita, the program presented by Corrado Formigli on La7. However, Giorgia Meloni’s party is greater than 30 percent, we are in the order of one in three Italians. In short, there’s little left to root for. According to the Proger IndexResearch, the FdI is now worth 30.5% and an abysmal gap persists in relation to its main pursuer, Giuseppe Conte’s 5 Star Movement (17.5). Followed by Pd (15.1 percent), Lega (8.2), Action/Italia Viva (7.9), Forza Italia (6.7), Greens/Italian Left (4.0), +Europe (3 , 0) and Italexit by Gianluigi Paragone (2.2).

If the numbers don’t oblige, here’s the word from researcher Luigi Crespi, who commented on the research produced for Piazzapulita on HuffPost with an article whose title says it all: “Research: a forbidden dream, Meloni’s decline” . The FdI minus sign appears for the first time and “the opposition front is happy because it hopes that it is the first sign of the same decline that first dominated Matteo Renzi and then Matteo Salvini”, explains Crespi. But “I don’t think this is the beginning of Meloni’s decline”, not least because – argues the research institute – the prime minister “is a direct consequence of a strategic error by Mario Draghi” who had the “country in his hands” but took it “by the enthusiasm” he thought “of being able to become President of the Republic, circumventing everything and everyone, until the elections”.

Into the rift with the Italians that inevitably arose was Meloni, who now has “a solid parliamentary majority” and “time to remedy mistakes” in the government. What is there, explains Crespi, but the FdI leader has the numbers and the time to govern for a long time: “Her parable is nothing descending”, summarizes the researcher.

Source: IL Tempo