CNE magistrates have no measures or protection arrangements

CNE magistrates have no measures or protection arrangements

In a letter to the director of the National Protection Unit (UNP), Augusto Rodríguez, the magistrate of the National Electoral Council (CNE), César Lorduy, expressed concern over the lack of security measures and arrangements in which the robes of the court in the middle of an election year .

Lorduy warned that the members of the CNE have the same qualities as a Supreme Court magistrate and thus enjoy the same rights, including security.

“Consequently, depending on the position I hold and without any greater requirement than that laid down in the Constitution, I request that a protection regime be established for me which will depend to a greater or lesser extent on the level of risk I am allowed to have due to the activities that the Constitution assigns to me,” he adds.

He added: “Taking into account your common sense, I invite you to enforce the aforementioned constitutional mandate, whereby the actions put in place to enforce the rights that the political constitution confers on us do not activated,” Lorduy said in his letter.

Source: El Heraldo