“Regulators must be independent”: Creg to Petro

Faced with President Gustavo Petro’s statements about assuming the regulatory powers of the country’s public services, the CREG’s Committee of Experts has asked the President to maintain the independence of the country’s regulatory authorities.

“They must be independent in nature to ensure that their decisions are objective, impartial, consistent and technical. This allows regulated agents, as well as the general public, to observe objectivity, neutrality and transparency on the part of the state,” the commission explained.

The experts added that the independence of the regulatory body ensures that the state, through the exercise of its functions, ensures that the regulated agents adapt their behavior to the constitutional and legal objectives of respect for economic and business freedom, and at the same time lays down the relevant rules for their activity, for the benefit of the social interest.

“We respect the constitution, laws and institutional nature of the country, therefore the institutional order of which it is part within the energy sector and performs the functions assigned to it has always been respected,” he said. the statement released by the Creg.

It is relevant to remember that the national government participates in the Commission as it is chaired by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, and has seats in the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, the National Planning Department and the Superintendence of Residential Public Services. .

Source: El Heraldo